IFRS 16 sets out the rules for detection, evaluation, presentation and disclosure of letting contracts. This means that businesses have to face the challenge of revising internal procedures and updating systems.
With IFRS 16 all operative or financial contracts will be worked out in a single way in the balance sheet. That is why it is necessary to manage the whole workflow, from the start of contracts to their expiry date, and to administer accounting of leasing through a set procedure for calculations, management and analysis.

Managing the complexities of the new IAS standards, improving financial systems swiftly to meet IFRS 16 requirements.

Thanks to Axiante’s solutions, our clients are assured complete compliance with IAS legislation. All data and accounting rules are governed centrally and every phase of the procedure can be documented.
Should there be an audit, the system guarantees traceability of the whole procedure and its processing details.

Our solution

Our solution gives managers an avant-guard tool enabling them to handle IAS legislation complexities in the most efficient way. By freeing up time taken with manual data analysis and statement processing, the chance of human error is also eliminated.

A strategic vision

Axiante’s proposed solution analyses data and calculates present and future costs, asset value, Profit & Loss, the value of leasing liability and many other pertinent features.
Following a “what-if” predictive analysis scheme, those responsible will be able to evaluate in no time what impact different leasing options will have on the balance sheet.

Our team at Axiante is specialised in the real estate sector. That is why it is able to offer advanced technological solutions to help organisations manage the onset of the new IFRS 16 Standard.

Find out about Axiante’s management of IFRS 16.

Advanced solutions to manage the impact of new legislative standards.

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