CPQ – Configure, Price & Quote solutions

Leading industrial sectors are getting excellent results in terms of sales efficiency, increased turnover and profit margin thanks to the innovative CPQ platform.

Efficient tools for a winning configuration of sales

To align price lists and configuration rules with sales objectives means encouraging Sales and Marketing to work together. It also means not wasting time and energy on difficult manual tasks where the chance of making mistakes is high, rather than focussing on the main goal.
Thanks to Axiante’s Product Configuration solutions, Sales & Marketing managers will have everything under control as certain processes have been centralised. They can check at any time, for instance that all sales staff are setting their products and services in a correct way in line with the company’s best practices and alongside their customers’ needs

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Axiante’s CPQ solutions optimise the potential of powerful planning and what-if analysis motors in the Advanced Price Management support process. Axiante provides highly efficient tools which are able to simulate in real time the effects of price campaigns and to decide and select the times and types of implementation while managing multiple price lists at the same time.
You can differentiate your analysis according to channel, area, cluster or between individual customers or products and you can evaluate the effect of your predictions. Check the efficiency of campaigns over time, monitoring targets, those agreed and those achieved. Thanks to our solution you can evaluate the historical sales and campaign performance leading to decisions which make for a successful outcome. You will be able to increase turnover and profit margin as well as customer satisfaction and client retention.
Our solutions for price management are now able to drastically accelerate implementation times in pricing politics and to achieve top results in policies.

Quote Automation Solutions

The most critical touch-point stage is often under estimated. The moment in which the customer receives the proposal is the most delicate and most important stage. It influences a successful outcome to both the deal and relationship with clients.
This is why best practices should be adopted in all parts of the company involved in workflow so that a successful proposal is formulated: sales, marketing, legal, R& D etc.
Nothing can be left to chance at this stage as often there is no time to correct errors or inaccurate information. There can be serious consequences for future tenders or quotes. Axiante’s solutions provide strategic support and allow businesses to put forward proposals which are always precise, up to date and convincing. They can speed up processes thanks to innovative workflow management functions and the chance to create standard templates for special offers.
Improve your KPI sales thanks to our Quote Automation tools: analyse past history of promotions based on success percentages. In no time you can work on weak areas and make the most of the most successful parts of your campaigns and those of your organisation.

Axiante’s CPQ solutions supply a complete set of tools for the automised configuration of products (Advanced Product Configuration Tools), to manage price management (Price Management Tools) and to make quotes (Quote Automation Tools).

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