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Find out how the most efficient Sales & Marketing Managers manage and optimise their teams’ activities so from lead generation to transformation of every single opportunity into turnover.

When a company puts their clients at the heart of their activities, they are on the right road to increasing sales performance

It is therefore imperative that client potential and their customer journey is followed with suitable instruments, from the beginning to the final stages of business, including post sales. All channels are deployed to facilitate communication and collaboration in the relevant departments.
Successful Sales & Marketing Managers have understood that company collaboration managed through a CRM platform is a deciding factor for the success of sales; each member of the team is updated daily on opportunities so that every single lead is followed in the best and most efficient way.
With Axiante’s CRM solution each position, whether it be that of manager or sales reps or agents, will have their own instruments providing for example, the end results of a marketing campaign, sales pipelines, reports, statistics and dashboards.

Why choose these?

Axiante’s CRM allow you to create different commercial teams, assign opportunities to individual users, sales people or agents and to manage access and workflow.
By structuring information in a simple and efficient way, you can personalise your interface and platform fields, allowing you to manage commercial openings based on real business needs.
Thanks to customised report and dashboard features, sales and marketing teams can have an overview of their activities in real time. They can then intervene rapidly where necessary and fine-tune so that previously set targets are met.

Full integration of Sales & Marketing processes

Each role has its own tools but each data base is unique. It creates accurate analysis and highlights factors which lead to success or failure in commercial activity, be it internal or market-driven.
Help marketing teams manage their campaigns in the most efficient way and communicate best results to sales by making the most of ROI in each step. Choose our solutions. is a key sector instrument; its platform is the most comprehensive, flexible and simple to use on the market today. It is on cloud, it is user-friendly, accessible and open to developments and personalisations.

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