5 tips for happy users with Application Maintenance

Often unfortunately underestimated, internal end users, if dissatisfied, are able to generate a long-term negative impact on activities and tools. But how can this be avoided?

Cios, in charge of reducing costs, are finding or creating new tools, useful to users to achieve business goals, engaging the best resources with high skills and evolving the organizational structure so that it is in line with the business growth strategy.

In all these activities, however, the CIO should not only focus on external customers, he should also focus on employees.

Organizations need to accelerate innovation so that they remain competitive, and that’s why internal applications need to meet aspects such as continuity, adaptability and be easy to understand for their users.

The life cycle of these applications continues after release, with maintenance, evolving along with business strategy.

We have prepared 5 useful tips to help you understand what are the actions to take and the dynamics to evaluate in order to get satisfied and happy internal users, thanks to Application Maintenance.

Find out, downloading the deepening through the form below.

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