How to work on multiple projects simultaneously: workflows

How can we work on multiple projects simultaneously, maintaining quality and progress? The answer is to organize the work through the flows.

In any type of process it is important to optimize the flow. How can we do this?

First of all, by analyzing it, to highlight its limits and attenuate them, so that the system becomes faster.

But to analyze it, you need to visualize it.

One of the best methods for visualization is Value Stream Mapping, widely used in manufacturing companies, but also applicable in software development. This system consists in the graphical mapping of processes and activities necessary for the whole cycle of the realization of a product. The goal does not stop at improving the individual process, but looks at a global and continuous optimization.

You can alternatively use the Agile method: whether we use Scrum or Kanban, we can see, through the tabs, the work scroll from left to right.

In this way we can notice the famous “bottlenecks“: why is that user story in the column TO DO for 2 weeks? Why is that activity assigned to a person currently on vacation?

It remains essential to implement these methods with the company strategy, to avoid creating more limits instead of solving them.

Interesting, isn’t it?

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