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A market that is always on the move and full of competition, the ever-increasing customers’ needs: Freight Logistics organizations must transform quickly to face competitors and seize new opportunities.
Regardless of sea, sky or earth, the digital transformation is redefining the world of transport and logistics.
The consolidation of the sector, the increase in the complexity of supply and the regulations in force, all contribute to the change.
Freight Logistics organizations must transform quickly to face the challenges of competition, and exploit new opportunities: with customers' ever-changing expectations such as the need for a 24/7 service and system flexibility, a transformation is necessary.

3 of the top 5 leaders in the Freight and Logistic market have chosen the expertise of Axiante professionals to overcome the most demanding challenges, and to add more value to their services, while remaining competitive in an increasingly global and constantly evolving segment.

Combining our industry knowledge and our experience, we can help you in the "what if" analysis to evaluate services and costs of different transport tactics and strategies, such as pool points and cross-docking. With our Business Intelligence solutions, we have helped companies to increase margins through an in-depth analysis on the customer base, on the supply chain of services, on the facilities portfolio, and on every stage of the logistics flow.

Axiante per il settore Freight Logistics
Axiante per il settore Freight Logistics

What do we do

We help Freight & Logistic companies to move towards a digital future to improve performance and profitability


Digital transformation is a unique journey for every organization.


Aligning the evolution of IT infrastructures with corporate strategic development.


Management of the entire lifecycle of applications, from design, to construction and implementation, to innovation and maintenance.


Make decisions quickly and safely, to re-become and grow.


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We are creative, swift to respond and skilled. Through expert use of data analytics, we provide design thinking services.
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