Group Consolidation

Creating and forecasting budgets is a good starting point for sound business practice but being able to consolidate them as a group can be a complex process.

Manage your consolidation processes in the best possible way and avoid market variability.

Axiante’s answer to Group Consolidation helps simplify financial consolidation by providing a guided flow chart. Controlled and able to manage different scenarios and types of consolidation this creates detailed audit registers. Our solution manages closing and consolidation in an efficient and speedy way, taking into account net income, costs and future planning activity.

Our solution is
  • Completely flexible to manage local, group and reporting plans.
  • Able to manage different scenarios and versions of consolidation, forecast and unrestricted budgets.
  • Adaptable to consolidating perimeters with monthly granularity and flat model management as well as sub-consolidation.
  • Capable of totally controlling the flow of individual operations and data inserted which is documented and analysed in real time.
  • Able to make debt elision procedures and inter-company credit automatic.
  • Carries out updating of rules and reports in real time.
Know how and experience

The Axiante team is expert in creating solutions for the consolidation of large organisations and the management and complexities of accounting requirements.

Axiante provides you with support in consolidating financial procedures in your organisation.

Discover Axiante’s solutions for Group Consolidation

Simplify group consolidation avoiding market volatility.

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