Incentive & Commission Management

Promote sales productivity increasing your Sales Team’s involvement

Optimise “What-If” situations

Choose Axiante’s solution for Incentive & Commission Management and make the most of your area and what-if situations to see its impact. You’ll find that decisions made are based on real data. Would you like to see your employees’ level of productivity and reimbursements of individual sales resources combining top-down targets with bottom-up capacity?
Now’s the time to evaluate the effectiveness of targets, co-ordinating company objectives into areas, products, business segments and sales roles. That isn’t making best use of the territory in an automatic way, you will be able to determine the right number of sales figures for maximum coverage of a new version of the product.

Why choose Axiante to consolidate your team’s business performance?

Compensation will be calculated alongside Goals & Targets
Setting sales compensation targets and the calculation of your sales team’s commissions takes up many hours’ work each month. With our solution you can do it in an efficient way thanks to a building scheme on different levels.
Personalise target settings such as commission payments (a fixed amount in percentage of sales achieved, in percentage of sales profit or even in bonus premiums) using report and dashboard.

Speedy analysis and accurate calculations

Reduce reporting times by means of automation, monitoring and keeping track of appointments, reaching quotations and increases. By using KPI and report which highlight historical data in real time, you will be able to analyse in a user-friendly way the tools to pinpoint and correct problem areas in a speedy way.
You can easily create snapshots of your plans to see “what-if” situations and monthly forecasts. Our solutions enable you to find all the information that you need in a dynamic dashboard. You will have access to simple and efficient data so that you can use compensation calculations in real time and elaborate ratings to see who performs best in the sales team.

Speed is essential: automate your commission processes to reduce costs, lessen risk and finalise invoicing all in a safe and precise way.

Discover Axiante’s solutions to motivate your sales resourcesta

Build your sales team’s confidence in an efficient planning of areas based on real and accurate data.


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