Sales Planning & Analysis

In an increasingly changing world, sales teams need to use planning tools which match evolved sales.

Optimise sales budgets and increase performance via planning

Axiante’s solutions for Sales Planning and Analysis allows you to optimise resources in a speedy and user-friendly way, improve sales performance and focus more accurately on forecasts.
Being able to access self-service data allows sales teams to carry out accurate, multiple channels and product analysis on an integrated level or in several areas. This allow “what-if” opportunities in real time along the lines of region, personnel and end results. Improve targeting by segmenting clients and prospects in an efficient way, keep leads monitored, check your pipeline and optimise conversion tables. All of this is possible by rapidly importing data from your Salesforce CRM to define your basic strategy along realistic performance guidelines.

Explore data autonomously

Users are genuinely independent when they use Axiante’s Sales Planning & Analysis.
Explore your data in a simple and autonomous way, personalising how you view them according to your needs at any given moment.
Both fast and user-friendly, our solution allows you to create dashboards by dragging individual parts such as tables, charts, maps and filling them in with data in just a few clicks.

Integrated processes between sales staff and managers

Axiante’ solution for Sales Planning & Analysis integrates past with present data seamlessly so that it can be used as a planning and budget base for forthcoming sales cycles.

Examine your data in a combined way or drill down to the line or individual product analysing region or channel.

Discover Axiante’s solutions for Sales Planning & Analysis

Easily set sales targets, and improve your sales performance.

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